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We understand that most of people working on weekdays from early morning until late evening, and you do not have enough of free time to visit the dentist. That is why we are looking forward to your visit, even on weekends. Use our online booking system and in case you cannot find a suitable time – feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will accommodate your demand.

Uncompromising quality

The majority of the procedures are carried out under a microscope in order to achieve precision with micron-level tolerance. Giving a magnification up to 25 times, the doctor may perform a thorough diagnosis: see hairline cracks in the teeth, problems with fillings and any other disease at the earliest stage. The microscope is an integral part of quality care and long-term results, both therapeutic and surgical. Operating with more accurate and confident movements doctor guarantees the safety of healthy tissues working only with damaged areas, thereby reducing the likelihood of any mechanical damage that may cause cracks, fractures and split of teeth. Also it helps the patient feel comfortable, as the treatment is carried out at a comfortable distance (not disturbing patient comfort zone) and decreases the discomfort caused by the need for the patient to keep in constant tension jaw muscles to ensure adequate access to the damaged tissue during the treatment.

Excellent value

Our prices are competitive at both the local and foreign markets. We are always ready for an open dialogue. Come to us with price proposals from other clinics, and we will always be happy to provide you with a competitive offer.

Mikroravi Hambaklinik OÜ

Our dental clinic offers highly professional dental care using microscope for both children and adults. Treatment under the microscope provides the use of a more sensitive manner in relation to bone tissue, ensuring high accuracy and quality of dental work. For example, prosthesis and root canal treatment with dental microscope is the only reliable method of providing high-quality patient care.

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