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Dental hygiene

The Mikroravi clinic, like other modern dental centres, uses a range of effective equipment. Among the equipment used are:

– Ultrasonic teeth cleaning.
The ultrasonic equipment is used to clean teeth. The procedure is painless and safe. Ultrasonic cleaning does not damage the hard tissues. In addition, ultrasound disinfects the oral cavity and reduces the risk of gingivitis.

– Denture cleaning (Air-flow soda cleaning)

Dental implantation

The implant will replace your missing tooth. The procedure consists of two steps, first step is to install an artificial root in a jaw, and as a second step after three months we set a crown (temporary and then permanent). Sometimes the bone is too small to accommodate the implant. In this case, before the installation of an implant we must carry out the operation for increasing bone volume.

Dentistry (fillings)

We will be happy to fix any problems with your teeth, like removing tooth tartar and providing high professional tooth decay cure. The treatment plan will be already created at the first visit!

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Childern’s treatment

We will be glad to provide dental care services for your children. Keeping beautiful smile of your children from early ages will help to avoid serious issue and more expensive treatment later-on. We strongly recommend that you register for the first visit before the emergence of any problems, because in some cases, to assist in the later stages can be more painful or even impossible.

Mikroravi Dental Clinic at Uus-sadama 21-202, Tallinn is the Haigekassa contractual partner in providing dental care for children. Haigekassa pays for dental care for children up to 19 years of age. Children’s dental visit fee 0 euros if you have Haigekassa insurance.

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MEMO for parents

Talk to your child about the upcoming visit.

It is better to let a parent who is not afraid of dentists do it.

  • A visit to the doctor should be a normal everyday event for you.
  • You don’t need the phrases “don’t be afraid” or “it doesn’t hurt.

The child does not yet suspect that it is possible to be afraid of something at the reception.

  • Don’t use incomprehensible words like “anesthesia,” “filling,” or the dreaded “shot,” “drill,” or “tear out.”

The doctor knows best how to present information and not scare the child before treatment.

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking that “the doctor will just look and won’t touch anything.”
  • Better say, “The doctor will check you brush your teeth, tell you what lives in your mouth, and,
  • If necessary, he will fix your teeth.

Play hospital games at home (you and your child or dolls).

  • Show how they come to the clinic, how they behave in the office, open their mouths and treat.
  • Be the doctor: say hello, ask the name, if there are any complaints, look at your teeth (play
  • can be the evening before the visit).

In the doctor’s office, do not interfere in their conversation with your child.

  • Don’t answer for him, just be there for him.
  • The doctor needs to completely shift the child’s attention from you to himself for better psychological contact.

IMPORTANT: develop a trusting relationship with dentists.

  • You don’t have to scare us and say, “If you don’t brush, they’ll pull your tooth out,” etc.
  • The dentist in the eyes of the child should be a friend and a hero who will save teeth from carious monsters.
  • Try to make sure that the first visit to the dentist happens before serious dental problems arise, and before your child even knows about the toothache.

At Mikroravi Hambakliinik we try to choose the best treatment, take a gentle approach to the child and always give time to adapt.

  • Is your child afraid to go to the dentist?
  • How do you set it up before your visit?

Treatment of tooth root canals with microscope

Nowadays the microscope is used in all areas of dentistry – from the installation of dental fillings till any complex surgical intervention. Nevertheless, most often usage of microscope, is during the need of retreatment for tooth root canals. The microscope allows you to find additional channels, which, if left untreated, causes inflammation. Dental treatment with the microscope allows the usage of a drill with minimal removal of tooth structure. Practice shows that the cavities for filling are 3-5 times smaller by volume in comparison to the drill without usage of microscope. Dental microscope has become indispensable for carrying out a high-quality dental treatment and provides most precise diagnosis.

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Prosthetics today has become an important part of maintaining a smile aesthetics. This is due to the invention of new materials that are currently used in conducting aesthetic restorations, which makes your smile a natural and beautiful!

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We carry out simple surgical procedures. For example autopsy abscess, tooth extraction and apicoectomy. Our doctor worked for three years in the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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